Polymer 80 trigger not firing

polymer 80 trigger not firing As for the lower 80 of P80 problems pun intended come from the areas not being filed and sanded enough. The Phoenix Gen2 version features Polymer80 39 s proprietary polymer composite a solid core design stiffened magwell and beefier MILSPEC buffer tube housing. My thoughts exactly. It s finished enough to hold the slide but the slide has no internals just yet. The second receiver shown from the top likewise has a solid un machined fire control cavity area. Compatible with the P80 PF940C Compact Frame. There was no way of feeling when or where in the pull the thing would fire. This change was meant to prevent a potential unintentional discharge if the gun was dropped and inertia drove the firing pin forward to strike the primer. On the polymer 80 lower the rear lug pocket for your upper receiver 39 s takedown pin is already completed circled in green . 00. The kit includes 80 Polymer AR15 Lower Receiver Mil spec Polymer Jig Trigger Hole Drill Guide Polymer 80 Rhino RL556v3 AR 15 Lower Receiver review from Magnum Firearms. In this video I go over some of the trigger problems anyone building a polymer 80 glock may run into. 6. This is not your average 80 lower receiver in fact our AR 15 lower receiver is fully engineered using current finite element structural analysis for reliable long term high performance. At Omaha Outdoors purchase 80 Build Parts from a trusted source. Description. Polymer lower receivers will crack under the stress of simulated automatic fire. With the slide off it works. Question Can the jig if they even sell it separately be used to machine an Another reason for firing a flintlock is that if you do it often it will improve your marksmanship. Just like the 80 lower receiver these 80 pistol frames have allowed shooters to build virtually every series available at home. Drill a inch into each side BUT NOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH. 759. The Polymer 80 has a deeper cut under the trigger guard which allows you to hold the gun higher and exert more control. In position 3 it fires one round on pull and one round on release making it the fastest semi automatic trigger on the market. Designed to be used with the Poly80 PF9SS. m. Consult your instructions and template for each different frame you finish. The pistol grip area features a unique no thread design specific to Polymer80 lowers. The compact pistol STRYK B is designed for fast and precise shooting. Further enhanced with removable magwell increased capacity of 22 1 20 1 with short magwell models and improved slide serrations the new XD M Elite represents the pinnacle of full size polymer Various fire properties can characterize a fire retardant polymer with the most significant being resistance to ignition heat release rate and ability to auto extinguish. Any Series 80 gun will have a little bit of take up and creep to it. Polymer is an easy material to work with and the included jig kit makes it even easier. Also this rugged pistol do not rusts. Polymer 80 PF940C 80 COMPACT PISTOL FRAME KIT Polymer 80 PF940C Jig Kit Drill Bits Glock 19 Lower Parts Kit IMPORTANT NOTE Please Read . Grab a punch and find the cruciform on the trigger housing. The Most striker fired pistols tend to fall short when it comes to trigger designs but not the CZ P 10 C This trigger was specifically designed to minimize creep and stacking. However that s not always what happens and releasing all finger pressure from the trigger will often allow the trigger to continue forward creating a minimal amount of single action Take Up though not anywhere near as much as with a double action shot . If not material will need to be removed to elongate the sear slot. Polymer 80 INC P80NKITFDE Polymer80 39 s G150 Phoenix Gen2 Lower Receiver Kit features Polymer80 39 s proprietary polymer composite a solid core design stiffened magwell and beefier MIL SPEC buffer tube housing. I installed the PRP Extreme Trigger Kit for original XDM . Holster makers are starting to address this problem so in the future your options should be better. SKU LOW 15 000 00 010 Categories Lower Parts New Items Polymer80 80 Lower Receivers The newest polymer product series of pistol frame systems the PF940Cv1 is an industry first a redesigned follow up to the popular and successful PF940 and offers compatibility with Glock 19 23 Frame Components. So the addition of the firing pin block gives the trigger a little creep. I ve begun sourcing parts though that is proving to be harder than originally thought because I m so cheap . The 80 lowers fascinate me although I dont know if Id ever take on one. The Polymer 80 Compact Pistol Frame PF940C kit is designed to replace the frame of a compact size Glock pistol such as the Glock 19 or 23. This is a fact of plastic design for mold release and strength. The AR 15 lower is made from a single piece of polymer. Pull Back Rotate out Jb Good to hear from you. Remove the firing pin safety figure 8 . quot Glock 17 quot automatic works on barrel short recoil principle. I have not touched one in about 5 years when I was coaching a Cop 39 s wife who purchased one in . The concept originally hit the market several years ago and the online banter questioning the durability has not stopped since. Rabe H. Sep 1 2018 Explore Dylan Taylor 39 s board quot Polymer 80 Builds quot followed by 171 people on Pinterest. Reefs and carbonate platforms in general are sensitive climatic indicators and contain important records of past climate The MOE Trigger Guard is an enhanced polymer drop in replacement for the AR15 M16 weapons platform. This AR 80 lower kit comes complete with a one time use polymer jig necessary drill bits and end mills. How I fixed the issue On the rear block from P80 where the trigger bar crosses over it there was a small bulge in the metal very hard to see unless you re looking at the piece by If you pull it slowly you can feel the striker pressure against it. Even after a long session of firing ammunition through the CW380 for function and velocity testing the Kahr remained very comfortable to shoot. This Marine Gun Builder Blog Exclusive video will illustrate how to permanently resolve the issue and get your PF45 spitting free No it s not a Glock and many people refer the P80 pistols to a Glock and we often refer to this fine handgun as a Not a Glock However for most purposes these effectively are Glocks with a few changes. Check our ranking below. The PFS9 comes with a rounded trigger as well should you wish to swap it out. Compare Price and Options of Polymer 80 Trigger Wont Strike Firing Pin from variety stores in usa. This is not a complete receiver and still requires machining to be done. As the trigger is pulled the firing pin is then fully cocked. Basically it s just a really great lower. The trigger would occasionally not reset when dry firing or when shooting out of two hundred rounds the trigger did not reset twice. The Binary Firing System GEN 3 BFSIII is a 3 position trigger. The Binary Firing System GEN 3 is a high quality three position trigger that gives you complete versatility. 95 89. 2 673 Reviews Scanned Polymer 80 draco. The RL556v3 brings a fresh design aesthetic and incorporates more reinforced areas along the magwell and fire control pocket. P65Warnings. 5 lbs 0. 170 trigger bar movement at the rear of the cruciform when the trigger was pilled. The pistol grip area has a unique no thread design specific to Polymer80 lowers. Polymer80 Glock 19. Unpopulated slide moves very cleanly on the frame. The original 1911 has two user activated safeties. Note Fits Glock 43 This Kit will not fit the Polymer 80 PF9SS and SS80 Tech Bullseye from 1 000 yards Shooting the 17 000 Linux powered rifle ARM CPUs lasers and Wi Fi make firing this weapon an experience like no other. The benefit is that frames are interchangeable and not controlled by American gun regulations. 95 Add to cart Quick View. The basic Glock design incorporates three safeties including a firing pin and drop safety as well as a trigger safety. This notice takes precedence over all individual item listed shipping times. Made in Taiwan. This system is designed as a complete kit. I enjoy tinkering. Long term testing of the weapon is probably in order though. I still do not understand why someone would agree to using a polymer buffer tube and make it commercial spec. 0 did a good job of cutting into the polymer frame without damaging the blade or the frame. Place the gun upright on a hard surface. It will not fit any other frame. The barrel is 100 the assembled slide is 324 the trigger is 17 and the frame internals other miscellaneous parts will run another 50 100 bucks. If you decide not to fire and release the trigger the firing pin safety automatically reengages. Note The Gub mint is trying to be politically correct and crack down on polymer 80 receivers. The guy had a common interest in guns he said. Two set of hand grip. The Kahr action is a Browning locked breech design featuring a striker operated firing pin with a passive firing pin safety making it a true hammerless action. Not very strong in the original aluminum receivers pretty flimsy in the plastic The trigger guard is very roomy and should be no problem for even large gloved hands. it fires properly. 40 S amp W and 10MM variants HK SP5 9mm READ CAREFULLY A STANDARD SEF trigger pack and selector must be used with this grip the pictograph trigger pack and selector that come with these firearms are NOT compatible with this grip. Aero Precision APRH100386C Lower Parts Kit M5 Platform 308 Win Does Not Include the Fire Control Group or Pistol Grip 55. This 80 polymer Ar 15 lower receiver is not considered a firearm and is compliant with the gun control act of 1968 as defined in 18 U. S. All you will need to complete your PF940Cv1 80 frame is a drill press and an XY cross slide vise or a Dremel. The Problem When I would pull the trigger it would take a few seconds for the gun to actually fire. One of the most common complaints about striker fire pistols is the quot long creep quot to get the trigger to break the SPSR eliminates that completely. In some Poly 80 frames it seems that the trigger housing assembly simply sits a bit 39 too high 39 raising the sear relative to the firing pin lug just enough that it doesn 39 t release the firing pin when the trigger is pressed fully rearward. James Madison Tactical is proud to introduce the new Gen2 AR 15 80 lower receiver. How to fix misaligned holes 5. For more information go to www. This type of lower receivers cannot accept a trigger or parts kit so it can t be made to fire. How to Level the rear rails 6. The front lower portion of the KP 15 fire control area has a radius. 2. Huge Fire Breaks Out At A Multi Storey Building in Shijiazhuang Hebei China. if you are not feathering the trigger 80 AR Lower AR lower jig AR lower jig plate for drilling the trigger hole 7 16 End mill for drilling out the fire control pocket 5 32 drill bit for the trigger and hammer pin holes 5 16 drill bit for the trigger hole 3 8 drill bit for the safety selector hole Polymer vs Aluminum. We 39 ve more details about Detail Specification Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. He guide me through the process and help me make my decisions. They also set my trigger pull weights at 4. boonebgorges 5647 xProfileFields deletion of drop down select box values not possible Extended Profile 2. There is also a brief review of the Palmetto State Armory 10. I believe Para Ordnance uses the Colt Series 80 system with the trigger releasing the firing pin block. My feedback on GLOCK 19 Complete 80 Build Kit. An 80 lower receiver is a receiver blank an incomplete firearm that cannot be operated without additional modification. Some use the grip safety and then it is often called the Swartz Safety. Also when attempting to measure the trigger press with my RCBS registering trigger pull gauge I could not move the trigger even with the grip safety engaged. This product can expose you to chemicals including lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. This Cerro forged 80 percent lower is not an FFL item classified by the ATF as a non firearm. The hybrid design combines the advantages of the longer PF940v2 slide and barrel with the concealability of the PF940C grip. Guys stop feeding the trolls. The standard grip texture or ReadyMod grip providing a blank canvas for customization. products sale. The second generation EP Armory 80 lower polymer receiver addresses several issues the first generation had. The firing hand undercut allows for a higher grip which improves recoil control and it also contours and smoothes out the trigger guard to eliminate discomfort know as Glock knuckle. Keeping with the Magpul blueprint of innovation the Magpul ESK results in a modular ambidextrous selector with enhanced ergonomics. Neither Karri s Guns nor this website is affiliated in any matter with or otherwise endorsed by Glock Inc or Glock Ges. ca. This trigger has a floating sear. Additionally the magazine release has an excellent relief cut and this makes the magazine release likely easier to reach than a standard Glock magazine release. 5mm use the floor of the rear take down pin area as the guide Hole 2 This hole opens up a pocket for the rear side of the trigger mechanism. Position 1 Safe Will not fire. Polymer 80 Flat Faced Polymer Trigger Shoe Only For Glock 17 19 26 MORE. The Fiber Reinforced Polymer frame is extremely durable and sturdy while the matte black finish ensures it will match your tactical gear. this is nothing different. Polymer 80 Trigger Wont Strike Firing Pin BY Polymer 80 Trigger Wont Strike Firing Pin in Articles Shop for cheap price Polymer 80 Trigger Wont Strike Firing Pin . Been glass bedding and minor trigger work since early 80s. 6. Find OEM Glock parts OEM P80 parts and even Custom CNC NDZ Parts all perfect for your Unique Polymer 80 Build Whether its your first time or not we have a great selection of parts available. Does not include a Syndicate Polymer one piece magwell for the Polymer 80 PF940C Compact Includes Stippled 80 PF940C Frame Jig and all tooling required to finish the frame using a drill press and XY cross vise. The MOE Trigger Guard is an enhanced polymer drop in replacement for the AR15 M16 weapons platform. There are lots of people that have registered firearms in ma with no serial number like old guns etc. Gen2 utilizes the same special composite polymer blend as Gen1 lending itself to increased durability while remaining easy to mill. The polymer80 . Here 39 s a picture of a busted firing pin. An increasing number of shooters appreciate the GLOCK 29 SF s comfortable firing characteristics grip ergonomics and its convincing standard magazine capacity. The barrel is made from 416R Stainless Steel excellent durability and hardened with a Black Nitride Finish. 6. This hole is the trickiest do not penetrate into the Our 80 polymer lower for your AR 15 platform is engineered and manufactured by James Madison Tactical in the USA. Which are very nearly the same thing. And its not a Glock. MtStream. The Polymer 80 G150 80 AR 15 Lower with Jig System is the world s lightest DPMS platform AR 15 lower. 750 quot wide Weighs 8. For even more precise and faster rates of fire the use of GECO Hexagon gun ammunition is recommended which is a perfect fit for STRYK B Using such an enhanced trigger system consolidates ease of use and safety into a convenient innovative trigger operation one that reduces the chance of unintended firing. A proper wash that leaves your hands feeling clean and fresh and your skin feeling soft and smooth. If it is sent with a trigger group in it any takeoff parts will be shipped back Trigger pin There are various 80 lower receivers available online both with polymer and aluminum frames. Jump to Latest Follow 1 7 of 7 Posts. Lightweight and maneuverability have always been a focus with the AR 15 platform. I brought with me a set of cast loads to test and a handful of factory fmj 39 s to start it out with a function test. Thread starter I had a similar problem with the trigger bar being a hair too long amp not letting it drop down to fire so I filed the end of the Getting the Trigger Pin Out of your Polymer 80. Some binary triggers require the use of an M16 full auto bolt carrier group a binary trigger does not convert an AR 15 for full auto fire . 4 volt cordless had more than enough juice to get the job done. Surveyor Registered. Position 3 Binary Fires 1 round on pull and 1 round on release. TRIGGER OPERATION Position 1 amp ndash Safe amp ndash Will not fire Position 2 amp ndash Semi amp ndash Fires 1 round per pull Position 3 amp ndash Binary amp ndash Fires 1 round on pull and 1 round on release FEATURES Release round can be canceled by simply moving our Patent Pending selector out of Binary mode while holding the trigger back Positive The MOE Trigger Guard Magpul Original Equipment is an enhanced polymer drop in replacement for the AR15 M4 weapons platform. Other features include encasing the entire operating mechanism in a non movable upper receiver with a removable trigger 25 and operating handle 26 and having a cutoff switch 87 to change the firing mode from self loading semi automatic action to a single shot action and a counter torque muzzle cap 20 to counter the torque of the The barrel section also includes an ejector which locks the barrel section in the closed firing position and partially expels spent rounds from the barrel sleeves when the barrel section is opened. Apex Tactical Specialties S amp W M amp P Trigger Forward Set Sear amp Trigger Kit FSS. In common with the 1911 the Springfield has good safety features and it is instantly ready for action. Position one is the safety mode and position two the semi mode fires one round per pull. The second safety the firing pin safety mechanically blocks the firing pin from moving forward in the ready to fire condition. 5 80 Polymer Pistol Frame Instructions PDF Click Here . Knott M. You can buy 80 Build Parts online with confidence at the best price on our website. The Overwatch Precision Poly DAT is completely drop in ready and is in stock for all Gen 1 4 Glock pistols. That s exactly what the Polymer80 series of 80 frames are. com. In position 3 it fires one round on pull and one round on release making this trigger ideal for both tactical and competition use. The result is a much smoother trigger pull with a clean break which helps to reduce unwanted muzzle movement. What is the fix Trigger reset and failure to fire issues can often be attributed to the trigger connector located in the trigger housing at the rear of the pistol. Built 4 80 AR 39 s and each went bang with first mag. Trigger Guard We have designed in a deep trigger guard undercut for an enhanced grip and control over the pistol. GLOCK applies its new SF Short Frame design to the powerful 10 mm Auto pistol range. At Omaha Outdoors purchase 80 Gun Kits from a trusted source. Lots of people feel the 80s series is basically just a lawyer lock. Ruger amp Co. As the trigger is pulled rearward the trigger bar pushes the firing pin safety up and frees the firing pin channel. The 10 22 Hammer Tune Kit produces a lighter trigger pull with a faster lock time. Gun length 8 quot . It does not meet the GCA The Polymer80 Phoenix2 AR15 80 lower and jig system includes the Phoenix2 system. These pistols are not able to fire live ammunition which makes them ideal for indoor use as well as close quarters or hand to hand training drills. You should be removing a small amount of the jig all around which is why they tell you not to reuse the jig . Before you disassemble the firing pin assembly wipe the assembly with a clean dry The trigger is the next most important upgrade you can make to your Glock pistol by providing a smoother pull and cleaner break. 0 2. The serialized component of the P320 handgun is the Fire Control Unit FCU and is not included with the PF320PTEX Grip Module. Be sure to take off ALL the polymer at all the spots. Polymer body. 154 No 80 lowers No polymer lowers No Carbon lowers Patent No. 00 451. 5 lbs A striker fired pistol does NOT have a more consistent trigger pull than a hammer fired pistol. gov If you are looking for a handgun with the ultimate in self defense and reliability look no further than this Glock 21 Pistol. The Trigger Connector reduces the pull weight of your factory Trigger while retaining a positive reset for fast follow up shots. Find 80 Gun Kits for sale at Omaha Outdoors the best online firearms and outdoor gear site. How to fit the Polymer80 Rail sections 4. On the inside they use 100 Glock parts but on the outside they look and feel different. Having given Glock 2 chances a 20 and a 22 I went back to 1911s. Make sure that the front and rear snap clips are firmly closed 3. Everything we manufacture comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty and guarantee. With the frame pull the trigger forward so the trigger safety engages the polymer preventing it from moving rearward. 80 aluminum lowers that are not milled out properly may have malfunctions. A phase lock loop develops a smooth ac signal of frequency equal to and in phase with the frequency of the voltage wave developed by the 3625 SW US 40 Hwy Blue Springs MO 64015 816 229 0804 Ext 2. This pocket is stepped up from the fire control cavity. 3 lb f or to 31 N 7. Ok my next issue is a bigger one I milled out Polymer 80 lower and when I test fired the gun the hammer will fall when the trigger is reset. My primary concern in treating them as much more than toys is the threaded extension that the buffer tube screws into and the material directly below. Also we 39 re going to go over my first impressions of the Glock 20 10mm Build. 49. These are tasks which are all easier when the material is polymer versus forged aluminum. An 80 lower receiver is nothing but a simple milled or forged piece of metal which looks like an AR 15 lower receiver but without the fire control group cavity. The trigger will work with all M16 AR15 AR10 and pistol caliper bolt carriers. Hey forum. 5 lbs each. Pulled I finished my Polymer 80 Glock 17 build over the weekend and took it to the range today. The first step is to drill the side pin holes Hammer Trigger and Safety Selector Switch Hole using the lower receiver in the Jig. Sig 80 Fire Control Unit. 4 lb f but by using a modified firing pin spring it can be increased to 28 N 6. The Lower receiver is Polymer. It is specific to the lower as it repeated with different uppers. Not sure if this issue has been resolved but I 39 ve tried creating a simple flow that copies a file from OneDrive for Busienss to SharePoint. PRO TIP To keep the jig squared up I 39 ve used mini C Clamps from Harbor Freight keeps everything squared up. Polymer80 PF Series Pistol Frame Parts Kit With Trigger Compatible 10 69. BUILDS PROPER MUSCLE MEMORY. Thought I d post about my work in progress polymer 80 glock build. 75. 0. The decision to refine the cosmetics to there already rugged JMT composite polymer lower while at the same time taking the liberty to Read More quot JMT AR 15 80 Polymer Lower with FREE machining Jig quot It s massive and hell the Polymer 80 is technically part of that aftermarket. The trigger also reduces pre travel and over travel by approximately 20 from the factory trigger. bolsters their product line with a long awaited update. The trigger does not compress the hammer spring or striker spring of the Single Action semi auto handgun at all but the trigger s primary purpose is to trip the sear eventually powering the firing pin forward via a striker or hammer towards the cartridge primer subsequently firing the cartridge. This system is designed as an all inclusive kit with no expensive jig kits and extra parts to purchase. This trigger is ideal for both tactical and competition use. No 80 lowers No polymer lowers No Carbon lowers No firearms without a serial number No Sig Sauer MPX MCX or pistol caliber platforms Lower must be built out with receiver extension buffer spring grip takedown pin and pivot pin assemblies. So when dealing with range owners police fire departments and so forth you want to look just like the guy next to you who spent more money and knows less about his firearm. Hip Gnosis Huge Fire Breaks Out At A Multi Storey Building Shop for cheap price Polymer 80 Trigger Wont Strike Firing Pin . APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts parts kits and accessories. The MASADA trigger has a 6 lb trigger pull. The best just got better Perfect Shot Tactical is proud to offer the New James Madison Tactical Gen2 AR 15 80 Lower Receiver. Do not force a cassette trigger into place you may damage your receiver doing so. The texture feels way better but maybe that 39 s cause it 39 s new amp my other one is several years old now. This is a distinct advantage in a shootout since the operator doesn t need to remember to disconnect any safeties. quot On the trigger OK on the safety selector not so much. Perfect for use in M amp P s already equipped with an Apex Competition Action Enhancement Kit or Duty Carry Action Enhancement Kit. Match Trigger Compatibility. 44. 96. Parts Used Polymer 80 Glock 19 kit Lone Wolf P80 lower parts kit OEM Glock 19 Slide completion kit P80 G19 Slide CMC precision barrel. Only the P320 fire control unit FCU This design brings in all of the advantages of a flat faced trigger design but the hook at the end gives a reference as to where the finger is on the trigger. Metal magazine Urging people not to vote for quot trigger happy BJP quot Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday claimed that the tragedy in Cooch Behar was the quot result of a conspiracy quot hatched by the saffron party to intimidate voters. Enjoy FAST SHIPPING and SAVE at 80 lower. Polymer 80 pistol builds have become a popular alternative to simply buying a Glock or pistol at the local gun store. The trigger is dead the trigger shoe moves into position but the trigger has not reset internally in order to release the firing pin. The Polymer 80 percent lower receiver offering is brand new to the AR 15 market and is made from what they are calling a proprietary polymer especially suited for an AR 15 receiver. I 39 m hoping this will cycle itself out and am associating it with a new build break in period. The rate of fire in full automatic mode is approximately 20 rounds per second. 80 receivers are almost completed pieces of machined metal or plastics that are not classified as firearms by the ATF. I didn 39 t care for the front of the trigger guard it 39 s squared off angle looks good but makes it not fit in some Glock 19 holsters. The only real issue I have with the trigger group is the use of polymer parts as the hammer and trigger is plastic as well as takedown pins . Moving this out of the general forum Backstory Gen 1 Polymer80 full size Glock 17 build. I now cast and load about everything except rim fire. The trigger travel is . Receiver is constructed from a single block of proprietary polymer composite that is 80 finished and requires final milling of the fire control group trigger pin hammer pin trigger slot and safety selector. Started shooting with my us Marshall dad about 1965. D2 K067 Metal sights new trigger and hammer designs and a fiber reinforced polymer rounded out the updates resulting in a pistol that s even more comfortable for all day carry increasingly adaptable to user preferences and hardier than ever before. This enables the shooter to not have to pay attention to finger placement on the trigger as the ergonomics of this trigger have made correct finger placement on the trigger so natural it The RL556v3 features Polymer80 s proprietary polymer composite a solid core design flared magwell and beefier mil spec buffer tube housing. If the safety does not drop out of the slide the slide may be tapped on a non metallic surface to free the firing pin safety. Semi auto firing. Only remove the green colored areas. Was shooting a friend 39 s AR 15 that would fire the first round in the mag and chamber the second round but the trigger would not reset. The Polymer80 Phoenix2 AR15 80 Lower and Jig System Includes the Phoenix2 system. I have always thought that the G20 G21 could have a better grip angle. Would buy from you again. Once the parts kit arrives I will complete this AR and test fire it. 45 cal on my carry weapon and achieved an outstanding 2 pound pull with a smooth crisp and predictable break with virtually No take up and literally zero over travel. The jig set also includes one of the highest rated AR 15 jigs and an end mill for the fire control pocket. The pistol grip area features a unique threadless design specific to Polymer80 rifle lowers. Includes textured or smooth frame jig locking block rail system LBRS rear rail module RRM M3 amp M4 drill bits and 9mm end mill. The kit includes 80 Polymer AR15 Lower Receiver Mil spec Polymer Jig Trigger Hole Drill Guide Polymer 80 first wet its feet with AR 15 lowers and more recently moved into the world of Glock. Then when my wife and I visited my brother in law s church where we met Dan McCalmon not only a fellow firearms aficionado but also the national sales manager for Polymer80. it should NOT move downward. Otherwise grind off some material from the rear rail assembly in that spot. The GLOCK 29 SF has a comfortable frame and is easy to handle and accurate. Compatible with Syndicate Polymer one piece magwell for the Polymer 80 PF940C Compact. Complete lower parts kit with Glock OEM Trigger to finish or rebuild your Glock 43. James Madison Tactical Gen 2 Black 80 Polymer AR 15 Lower Receiver w Jig amp Lower Parts Kit. I feel like the money spent on this lower and the tools used to gnaw the trigger pocket would have been better spent on a factory produced lower. 357 SIG . My Son 39 s 17 measured . Problem arose first time I pulled the trigger failure to eject and the slide did not go into full battery with the empty still in the chamber. I have built 3 brownells 80 AR lowers. Even testing fitting everything the slide will stay slightly cracked open when feeding a snap cap. 95 WE DO NOT SHIP POLYMER80 FRAMES TO Hawaii New Jersey New York amp Washington. This kit offers all the main components to building a Polymer80 Glock 19 clone. This innovative frame includes a built in picatiny rail to accept all of your aftermarket pistol lights and lasers and an ergonomically designed beavertail and finger grips. 5 in stock Polymer 80 Compatible w Glock 19 23 Gen3 quantity Glock 19 Aluminum Trigger Lower Parts Kit for Polymer 80 LPK quantity Add to cart SKU HGW G19LPK AL BLK Categories Other Small Glock Parts Triggers Glock Parts Rock Island Armory Trigger guard integrated Engravings Safe Fire Auto Notable features Jigless design safety selector stops Works with the 80 Arms Universal Easy Jig yes. 4 lbs. It is only 80 finished which means no Federal Firearm Licence FFL is needed. Pull the trigger bar straight back toward the ejector end of the trigger housing when the cruciform cross shaped part of the trigger bar hits the inside of the trigger housing then rotate out and away from the housing. To make this 80 lower into a functional firearm you must drill out the fire control group area and drill the trigger pin and safety selector switch holes. With only 840 grams the new premium polymer pistol by Arsenal Firearms has a reduced weight of 80 grams compared to the Strike One model. Now not all of the receivers are ruined in this post although I feel that the Glock frame below is a little bit ruined. It comes with upgraded parts like the striker extractor depressor and safety plunger which are machined from 17 4 PH stainless steel for long term durability and reliability. The integral trigger guard on the Polymer 80 receiver increases rigidity of the receiver. These lower receivers are 80 finished and require final milling of the fire control group trigger pin hammer pin trigger slot and safety selector. after 200 rounds it seems to be resetting every time during dry fires. My safety selector needed some sanding to allow placement. Any opinions or recommendations Am Remove the trigger bar trigger spring and connector from the stock trigger housing and install them in the Lone Wolf Distributors Ultimate Trigger Stop. Discussion Starter 1 Oct 29 The Series 80 system introduced a passive safety to block the forward motion of the firing pin so it could not strike the primer unless the trigger was pulled. To test the sear drop remove the slide back plate and with the trigger fully rearward install the slide. The factory standard firing pin spring is rated at 24 N 5. Additionally the trigger breaks at a clean 4. With an 80 complete receiver the safety selector hole fire control group pocket and the hammer and trigger pins will be incomplete. Won 39 t take long. 300 Blk. . Polymer 80 Slide Issues How to fix a rough slide action 3. It comes with an extended 19 round magazine and can provide greater firepower with the optional 33 round magazine. Great to deal with you all. But with the cost right now for a polymer Glock I can do better finding a used one for sale from a private party. 45 60 day lead time. Note This is a not a firearm nor an 80 Pistol Frame. 00 Wilson Combat TRLOWUPPBIL10ANO WC 10 Matched Set AR 10 Rifle Black Hardcoat Anodized 479. Ammoland. Easy to Build Extremely High Quality Parts. The support hand undercut allows for a higher grip an index point and provides the support hand something to brace against and prevents the hand from slipping The trigger shoe is machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. Trigger Spring 5lbs T19 Trigger with Trigger Bar T19 Trigger Housing with Ejector 9mm T19 Trigger Connector 5lbs T19 Slide Lock Spring T19 Magazine Catch Spring T19 Trigger Housing Pin T19 Locking Block Pin T19 Trigger Pin T19 These are genuine T 19 Gen 3 factory parts for T Gen 1 3 19s or Polymer 80 Compact frames. Are polymer lower receivers good And make sure you mill all the way to the edge of the jig both on the fire control pocket and the trigger hole. And typically in a Glock that is one of two reasons. Push down with the punch on the center of the cruciform. 5lb to 5 lb trigger pull and rebounds with a short positive reset allowing for well placed follow up shots. This kit includes a high strength fiber polymer James Madison Tactical JMT Gen2 black 80 lower receiver the machining jig for you to complete your lower Bits Sold Separately and a Gunlab AR 15 lower parts kit. Second polymer is used for so many firearms and equipment. Glock firing pin channel liner This is my first build of this type. Both polymer and aluminum on a drill press with a compound table and vise. CodeProject 20 Bay Street 11th Floor Toronto Ontario Canada M5J 2N8 1 416 849 8900 1989 Mercury 3 Cylinder 50HP Cylinders 2 amp 3 not firing thin milk white prop exhaust I have a 1989 3 cylinder 50HP Mercury Outboard. list. This receiver is machined to 80 percent and still requires machining to be completed. Top Features Fits Polymer 80 models V1 V2 for comparable Glock models 17 19 22 23 31 Comes with 2 Charging Handles One for Glock slides and One for P80 slides Position 1 Safe Will not fire. NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS Only pay half down to get your build started the job he did on my Glock very positive but not to aggressive when concealed carry. 308 80 polymer lower receiver amp jig lets you produce a dpms pattern lower receiver. Featuring a built in trigger safety the pistol will not fire unless the trigger is pulled. 99 This item is temporarily sold out due to shipping disruptions from our distributors. It 39 s not likely that you damaged anything. The operations left to be completed on our receiver is as follows fire control group trigger pin hammer pin trigger slot safety selector hole. 50 . The video has a polymer lower which looks as though it was hogged out with a hammer and chisel jb weld splashed on the sides reportedly to patch the incorrect pin holes and then the remaining pin holes are hogged out far larger than the pins such the trigger body nearly slides out Apex Tactical known for curing Crappy Trigger Syndrome offers its Action Enhancement Kit for Glocks Brownells 100 020 706 which includes an aluminum flat faced trigger in your choice of several colors a connector and a highly polished firing pin safety. While polymer 80 lower receivers often times include a single use jig that can be completed on a drill press a proper lower receiver completion jig makes the process much faster easier and provides better results. Under BATF this is not a firearm. 00 Includes everything you need to complete your 92 Glock 43x 9mm build. The thing about the Series 80 trigger is that you feel resistance at the end of the trigger pull as the trigger slightly stacks right before it breaks kind of like most polymer frame striker fired pistols. I never have any doubt when even my Series 80 Colt would fire. Polymer 80 has been around a few years now and they didn t start out producing complete pistols. 40. Making your own AR15 lower receiver from an 80 er usually requires creating a fire control pocket and drilling three holes two for the trigger and hammer pins and one for the selector switch. It has been in storage for two years and was winterized before it was put away. TOPS MSF4. Suitable for concealed carry Ruger 39 s top Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Trigger kit Duty and Carry Polymer Black For M amp P M2. This cam simultaneously begins to draw the striker to the rear compressing the spring behind it while depressing and deactivating the firing pin Polymer 80 Frames Glock 43 Cover Plates Does Not Include Trigger Bar 89. your home for the best self defense trigger connectors and accessories for your Glock pistol. 00 each HGC 192 HFC Metal Polymer M9 Style CO2 Blowback Pistol HFC metal Polymer CO2 blow back M9 style Airsoft pistol. The trigger features a hinged component you must press to fire the pistol. Make a polymer handgun and you get applause. Additionally make sure where the trigger bar gets near the rear rail assembly there is enough clearance. From firing pins to trigger springs nothing keeps your Glock running like OEM Watch 2A Gun Videos amp Outdoor Sports Videos on Full30. 5 80 Pistol Frame PF940V1. 005 a hair and a 1 2 Heh heh. AR15 Anodized 80 Lower Receiver Fire Safe Engraved . 79 Best Rated Polymer 80 PF Series Glock Slide Parts Kit 1 109. Tip Glock G19 and G17 models are by far the most popular Glock builds and will have the most available parts and accessories. 11. I clear it and the next one ejects fine but the slide hung up defore going into battery again. DOEpatents. quot quot He removed some plastic along the front rail. See more ideas about hand guns guns glock. I can quot wiggle quot the hammer and trigger and the hammer is solid will no disengage. The operations left to be completed to complete your JMT . These lowers come engraved with FIRE SAFE on both sides of the receiver. 314 quot at the same trigger force and this permits firing in rapid sequence due to the quick reset of the P99 trigger. In 1991 Colt revamped their 1911 line by turning the basic Government Model into a value priced item. If I remember correctly most have a both a Browning type trigger blocking frame safety and a Walther type firing pin block slide mounted safety that does not de cock the arm when applied like the Erma Werke copy of the PPK. Carbonate sediments and rocks form an important part of the global carbon cycle. Shopping Tip If you are looking for the best deal on Polymer 80 Glock pistol frames we 39 ve found that vendors regularly run sales on the following holidays Washington 39 s Birthday Memorial Day Weekend Independence Day Labor Day Weekend Columbus Day Veterans Day DO NOT REMOVE THE SLIDE BUFFER AS INDICATED IN RED. What To Do If Your Polymer80 or Glock Double Fires It May Be Your Aftermarket Connector. C. The receiver section houses the launcher 39 s fire control mechanism. I hope this tutorial helps you with your Polymer 80 PF940C PF940V2 Custom Glock P80 g19 with Rockslideusa slide gen3 I just recently built this handgun and the weapon will not dry fire the trigger will reset with the slide and the trigger will fire with the slide locked back but not while the weapon is in battery. The angle is fine I 39 ve never had a problem with the 1911 or Glock angle maybe I 39 m just not that fussy when it comes to that. Blemished lowers may have small logo imperfections or quot Safe Fire Auto quot not as clear. June 20 2020 RoninsGrips. Smith and Wesson and Kimber use the Swartz Safety. The first receiver has a solid un machined fire control cavity area with no holes or dimples for the selector trigger or hammer pins. Polymer SS 80 Kit includes extended controls for easier manipulation of the firearm along with your choice of color. The receiver and stock combine to create classic lines for attractive styling. The new MCK for the Polymer 80 is here The World Famous MCK is now available for Polymer 80 80 kit builds. There 39 s no expensive jig kits and parts to purchase our system is a complete all inclusive package in one price. It does not have an external manual safety mechanism. The only metal parts are barrel and trigger mechanism. Glock Slide parts Kit 5. com lt p gt Composites Part B Engineering vol. 5 lbs Welcome to Ghost Inc. The 80 308 Lower Receiver is Polymer. I am not really sure but it hurts to look at. But it won 39 t fire and when you release the trigger it goes forward again. Polymer 80 trigger issues Trigger not resetting 2. I can cock the gun and the seer holds the hammer fine. 5 Upper Receiver in this video that starts at 5 25. PF940V1. Dry firing the pistol that is firing without a cartridge or quot snap cap quot is not recommended. Culture Is Not Your Friend. trigger force preventing inadvertent firing. Large trigger guard for use with or without gloves enhanced grip texture which enables faster follow up shots in all conditions fully ambidextrous operating Heat stabilized glass filled polymer trigger housing assembly is precision made of high tech material for improved manufacturing tolerances impact and abrasion resistance and an unmatched ability to withstand the elements. Features like the extended beaver tail double undercut trigger guard and a thumb ledge considerably enhance the ergonomics allowing for an effective grip and improved recoil mitigation. Currently I also have a complete 80 AR jig assembly system as well as an AK 47 74 Class II jig for the 80 pre bent and heat treated receivers an H amp K flat template a semi to select fire jig for existing HK rifles and a semi to select fire conversion jig for the SEF trigger pack which does not corrupt a semi auto receiver a Class II AK 47 The Polymer80 frame project was by far one of my favorite projects. I hope this tutorial helps you with your Polymer 80 PF940C PF940V2 Anytime a trigger would not reset or fire when going forward was beacuse of an aftermarket connector was bent. There is just not that much to go wrong so I had faith I could fix it. It seems like either the trigger bar isn 39 t going back far enough to drop or it 39 s just not dropping. Operations still left to be performed are Machining of the trigger slot I shot the Polymer 80 quot Glock 19 quot last night. Cycle the action and pull the trigger several times. I have a Gen 2 G20 and a Gen 2 G21. You can buy 80 Gun Kits online with confidence at the best price on our website. This debate going on right now could go either way. A If you cannot dry fire the pistol skip to step number 8 Back Page . A few days later I was discussing 80 percent weapon builds with my editor and the new players in the business. Polymer 80 Specter Top View They then recommend Lone Wolf for the rest of the parts. You will need to check the sear slot to ensure there is enough room. We now have a quality unit available for the P320 called the MUP 1 or Modular Universal Pistol 1 80 insert floor of Fire Control Pocket Hole 1 Mills out the upper platform section that divides the fire control pocket from the rear take down pin area. That said the Polymer units are obviously easier to machine but not as rugged. The Best Polymer 80 Frame Plug of 2021 Reviewed and Top Rated. com does not directly sell any firearms firearm parts or accessories. This is the cause of all the complaints. HK91 G3 Trigger Pack Fire Control Group Box Hammer Sear Semi Auto Full Plastic Lower Steel Grip Frame HK PTR91 German Parts Surplus RTG Parts Metal slide polymer body metal magazine. Be careful not to lose the firing pin safety spring when removing the safety. GlockTriggers. Overall fit and finish is excellent. This receiver is machined to 80 percent and still requires machining to be The PF940v2 Complete Builders Kit contains everything you need to build your 80 PF940v2 full size pistol including OEM Glock G17 slide and internals as well as the new Polymer80 PF940v2 80 Frame. Thanks to its polymer construction fabricating a Glock frame is pretty easy to do. These units have been found to have pin guides for the hammer safety trigger pins broken off on either or side. That has to happen for the trigger bar to be in position to be pushed forward by the firing pin as the slide moves forward to reset the trigger. That led me to 80 P220 P226 P228 frames and from there to an 80 P250 P320 chassis. It features a shallow quot V quot shape for better use of gloves in tactical shooting or cold weather operations. This barrel features standard rifling and quality craftsmanship making it perfect for drop in replacement of your stock Glock barrel or for your Polymer 80 build. The Poly 80 was . What are potential causes of this To me it seems to be a trigger reset issue since the BCG is cycling and feeding the next round. It is designed for EDC CCW use and features a minimalist design that help guide the magazine into the magazine well. Polymer 80 trigger issues Trigger not resetting Polymer 80 Slide Issues How to fix a rough slide action How to fit the Polymer80 Rail sections How to fix misaligned holes How to Level the rear rails Custom Glock 19 Magwells that fit Polymer 80 PF940C . This is not your average polymer 80 lower in fact The JMT . Products available for the P80 here at NDZ Performance. This Marine Gun Builder Blog Exclusive video will illustrate how to permanently resolve the issue and get your PF45 spitting freedom down range PRONTO Below is a video tutorial that illustrates how to do the modification in just a few minutes with 1st Time Quality. The 80 Lower Receiver is not an FFL Federal Firearms License item. The rounded face of the trigger provides a smooth comfortable surface for the shooter s finger while firing. with a clean and crisp break and a positive reset. We will exchange or replace any Ghost manufactured part regardless of fault or reason for life 2. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. They were 115 grain Berry 39 s plated bullets on top of 4. What the Cylinder and Slide kit does is reduce the stack at the end of the trigger pull. Polymer 80 Enhanced Glock Slide Parts Kit Black Red. The Polymer80 Warrhogg 80 Lower Receiver features a rock solid frame injection molded from a fully automated system that was two years in the making. The trigger appears to be the same specs as the OEM trigger excluding the exposed section which has been designed for better contact and smoother pull. 308 80 Polymer Lower Receiver amp Jig gives you a head start on building your own super lightweight AR style . However it requires the final milling of the fire control group trigger pin and slot hammer pin and safety selector. The PFS9 s slide and barrel also feature a high tech surface treatment that makes the gun environmentally rugged. The most expensive was the AR10 at about 800. 99 0 Select Options. My approach to doing product reviews is to break them up into a few separate components that give a kind of 360 degree viewpoint. Don t click the video as I would not want this troll to garner the views. The rounded face of the trigger provides a smooth comfortable surface for the shooter 39 s fingerwhile firing. FEATURES Release round can be canceled by simply moving our Patent Pending selector out of Binary mode while holding the trigger back Easy to install Smooth trigger pull 4. In position three the binary mode it fires one round on pull and one round on release making it the fastest semi automatic trigger on the market. Please do not email about an order status unless it has been over 6 weeks and you have not received a shipping notice. I just bought a Polymer 80 PF45 lower kit with trigger from Rockey Brass. This is a not an FFL item. The trigger has a flat face whereas a Glock s is a wee bit rounded. 16. Picture of broken CZ 52 firing pin courtesy of J. Polymer 80 sent me a email saying that my problem doesn 39 t make any sense since the magazine has nothing to do with trigger reset . Polymer 80 PF940CV1 Compact Pistol Frame Kit For Glock 19 23 32 Black 80 Percent Arms Replacement Carbide End Mill For Easy Jig AR15 Anodized 80 Lower Receiver Fire Safe Engraved Polymer 80 PF940V2 Full Size Pistol Frame Kit For Glock 17 22 Version 2 OD Green Gregory Mueller. Various Polymer 80 Glocks. The Polymer 80 Lower Receiver is not an FFL Federal Firearms License item. Glock Factory Full Size Gen 3 Upper Parts Kit 17 22 31 Fits Polymer 80 119. Trigger Connector 350 Glock OEM Trigger Spring 7496 Glock OEM Extended Slide Release Lever Polymer 80 PF45 Trigger Housing Mechanism problems are wide spread in our build community. THIS IS THE SLIDE BUFFER STOP. Glock OEM Firing Pin Assembly 9mm Slim Let 39 s Build This Polymer 80 PF940 V2 LINKS amp DISCOUNT CODES BELOW WANT DEALER PRICING ON YOU NEXT PURCHASE SIGN UP FOR BIG DADDY UNLIMITED https lddy. The MOE Trigger Guard is non folding has rounded edges and fills the annoying quot gap quot at the rear of the standard trigger guard. 357Sig G31. This is not your average 80 lower receiver in fact the AR 15 lower receiver is fully engineered using current finite element structural analysis for reliable long term high performance. Per the Polymer80 website Lower Parts Kit assembled by the Gorilla Machining works with Polymer80 and OEM Lower each Complete Lower Parts Kit includes This Glock 19 23 Lower Parts Kit is everything that you need to finish your Glock or a Polymer 80 Lower. Description Glock Internal Ambidextrous Magazine Catch G20 G21SF. Polymer 80 G17 vs G22. You asked for and you ve got it. I ve milled out a few polymer AR 80 receivers and built guns on them in 5. Please call or Email to check availability. They do all that while keeping the price identical with the OEM so really its a easy choice. It is made to the same high standards in material and workmanship as the parts that originally came in your Glock firearm. Lastly the slide cover plate is a nicely machined aluminium piece not cheap plastic or polymer which is a nice touch. If this happens you will need to file a bit off the right side when looking down at the receiver of the RRM so the trigger bar doesn t hit it. Kevin has made it easier to complete an 80 lower receiver by leaving the fire control area solid drilling most of the side holes and tapping the buffer tube hole. The P 09 is our full size polymer offering boasting an impressive 19 1 capacity in its flush fitting magazine unsurpassed by any other 9mm service pistol. Which brings us to diagnosing our Polymer 80 build. Sold 6. My trigger has been perfect since whether firing once or twice in any order . My dad and I put about 150 rounds through it mostly Herter 39 s 115 grain ball made by Sellier amp Bellot along with around 25 rounds of my handloads. Position 3 Binary Fires 1 round on pull and 1 round on release Release round can be canceled by simply moving our Patent Pending selector out of Binary mode while holding the trigger back Easy to install Smooth trigger pull 4. gl C7MDxG use code GLOCKGUY226 Want access to dealer pricing on your next firearm purchase Check out Big Daddy Unlimited for access to dealer costs on guns and gear https lddy. The Polymer80 Phoenix2 AR15 80 lower and jig system includes the Phoenix2 system. Polymer80 frames lowers slides barrels triggers parts and accessories are now available at MGW. Visit the tutorial for more details on how to finish Kevin 39 s new 80 39 ers. The kit includes a AR15 lower receiver and jig drill bits trigger pin and safety selector switch holes Start by using you frame size below and then decide if you want to build a stock spec Glock or if you want to upgrade the slides barrels trigger and or sights. WE ARE NOT A RETAIL STORE. Will NOT fit any of the 9x series which require a BHO bolt hold open cutout such as the . When shopping for a Polymer lower receiver we recommend looking for a threaded buffer tube insert and while all single use jigs we have tried work fine For aluminum 80 lower receivers tooling and a jig are required to complete the receiver. Glock s polymer sights have long been a sore spot for Glock geeks. With an external fire selector at the rear of the slide you can switch from semi automatic to full automatic firing mode. 2 Adjust the drill press so you can put the Jig and Frame upright pictured below so the end mill is pointing down through the nose of the jig and frame and facing you. b. 80 quot barrel 6 round magazine Firing pin block safety Striker fire firing mechanism 5 lbs. To complete the build I plan on purchasing the following 1. Glock Frame Parts Kit 4. 134 before mod. The 80 folks sell them complete with bits and a pretty red jig. This is a stripped slide and does not include any other components or enhancements such as the internal parts sights or barrel. J. Polymer80 PF320PTEX Grip Module FDE and higher confidence behind the trigger and own in all 50 states. For individuals who are looking for Polymer 80 Labor Day Sale review. Moreover for drilling there is a drill bit for the safety selector as well as one for the hammer and trigger pinholes. 2 defect bug djpaul closed 2014 05 16T16 14 32Z 2014 07 30T20 19 14Z quot Hi all not sure if this is truly a defect or me just being stupid but currently I cannot delete values from drop down select box anymore. The Magpul ESK Enhanced Selector Kit offers a variety of selector levers for the Magpul SL Grip Module amp HK Polymer Trigger Housings. This is also why 80 lowers and receiver blanks are not considered as firearms by the ATF. PF Series 80 Pistol Frames Likely what is happening is that it s so loose that the connector is not engaged by the bump on the inside of the slide to release the trigger bar unless you put some pressure on it. This Kit Includes Trigger Housing Al Trigger with Bar Trigger Spring Trigger Connector Slide Loc JMT s AR 15 80 Polymer Lower Gen2 is a prime example of intelligent humans thinking critically to produce a solid product. 4 9mm. It can be built for either 9mm luger or 40 S amp W caliber with only a few parts difference. It amp 039 s compatible with all DPMS Gen 1 components and is available in Flat Dark Earth or Black. Hold the trigger housing in one hand and the trigger bar behind the trigger tab in the other. Before you drill out for your trigger group and safety selector measure up from the bottom of the receiver to see if the are all to spec. Fire performance of reinforcing material is improved by treating with FR chemicals while the fire performance of polymer matrices can be improved by incorporating micro and nano FR fillers or by In 1983 the Series 80 models were introduced with the new firing pin safety system which guarded against an accidental discharge should a loaded pistol be dropped onto a hard surface. 5 lbs The James Madison Tactical Lower Gen 2 is one of the best reviewed polymer AR 15 lowers in general including not just 80 lowers but also stripped lowers and complete lowers. The Lower Part Kit includes For G17 and Polymer 80 The kits do not include a locking block. 1. DAO trigger pull FEA Finite Element Analysis designed barrel and slide Glass reinforced polymer frame and grip Black finish 0. . JMT is constantly evolving to deliver the ultimate in the industry. The operations left to be completed on our 80 308 lower is as follows fire control group trigger pin hammer pin trigger slot safety selector hole. Specializing in the manufacture of high quality polymer 80 receivers and frames Polymer80 also manufactures parts and accessories for AR Rifles and slides barrels magwells and more for Glock handguns. I found a consumer grade drill did not offer enough power to cut the holes I wanted. Essentially Nylon or a type of nylon with tiny glass particles mixed in to add strength. com GhostGlocks. This will avoid issues later on. 1975 10 21. Blemished lowers are on sale again for 20. Glock handguns are built on a polymer frame and are trusted by law enforcement across the country. This in not an FFL item due to the machining still required to finish this product. If you wish you may leave a few millimeters of polymer material to separate the rear lug from the fire control cavity vertical green bar . 62x39 Receiver Blank 34. Yes I am going to send more Guns to his shop Thank you Charles The Binary Firing System GEN 3 BFSIII is a 3 position trigger. Contact email protected or 336 660 4450 for custom options and payment plans. I recently built this FDE Xhale Weapon Worx Polymer 80 and wanted to go over the parts used on the build XHALE WEAPON WORX goo. Objective. 308 platform is engineered and manufactured by James Madison Tactical JMT in the USA. gl yuRoYZ Polymer AEK Trigger Kit The Apex Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger Kit directly replaces the factory hinged trigger with a solid body polymer trigger with a center mounted pivoting safety. When the pistol is charged the firing pin is in the half cock position. Reassemble the gun. NO MAGS INCLUDED If the shooter keeps their finger off the trigger the gun will not fire. There is metal in the higher pressure points of the receiver and this keeps the gun together maybe quite literally when firing it. I still think that the West German P220 is my next buy because Police Trade In guns won 39 t last forever but an 80 P320 or two are next up. Vickers HOME of the 80 RAZOR 22 LR Receiver and 22 MAGNUM Receiver ALL PARTS MANUFACTURED BY SELECT FIRE ARE COMPATIBLE WITH RUGER 10 22 Note We are not affiliated with Sturm. Completing a lower frame just gives you that extra credit when telling people you built the Glock. However a prosumer 19. cone 06 for the following reasons a the bisque gases will contaminate the glazes and produce symptoms such as blisters b if one bisque item blows up the little pieces will ruin several glazed pots and c even if both firings are set up I picked a 80 Polymer Glock frame. As indicated in the product descriptions not all parts and accessories on this site are official Glock products. A. Thank you Tyler. Also numerous Glock holsters will not accommodate the Polymer 80 due to frame design difference as well as the use of a true Picatinny rail. Weighing less than half a pound the Polymer 80 G150 80 Lower promises to change the game but is it strong enough Polymer80 Inc. Position 2 Semi Fires 1 round per pull. It 39 s made from T6 heat treated 7075 aluminum with a Type III hardcoat anodi Choosing the Right Polymer Eighty Percent Pistol Whether you re looking for a carry gun a race gun or a pistol that can do it all we offer multiple different polymer 80 pistol sizes to fit everyone 39 s needs. I am having trigger reset or failure to fire issues. H. A cone calorimeter Fig. Trigger pin size is . Features like the extended beavertail double undercut trigger guard and a thumb ledge considerably enhances the ergonomics allowing for an effective grip and improved recoil mitigation . Whether you want to listen to them is up to you. You still have lots of choices for parts and pieces for the Polymer 80 but it does limit you to Gen 3 and below. While regular use and or time spent polishing the trigger components will improve the factory trigger pull aftermarket triggers offer immediate enhancements including a wider trigger body for better purchase reduced pre travel overall travel and trigger reset a The polymer 80 lower receiver for your . 9 952 012 amp 9 952 013. 308 80 lower are as follows fire control group trigger pin hammer pin trigger slot and the safety selector hole. When the trigger is pulled the trigger bar begins to rotate a double lobed cocking cam. g. I like the undercut trigger guard which I used to not think was that big of a deal but it grew on me pretty fast. 52 Save 13 95. With a more aggressive looking guard that is till large enough for gloves but angled enough to give the GST a mean look the updated angles are the best of both worlds. And in case of an ammunition related failure to fire all that is needed is an additional second or third squeeze of the trigger without the need of first pulling the slide ORDER 713 105 Ruger 10 22 Titanium Firing Pin Drop In Action Trigger Tune Kits for 10 22 s T hese kits take away the mystery of fine tuning the Ruger 10 22 action and result in a superb trigger pull and super fast lock time. We will not be held liable after that for any replacement claims. The frame is designed to accept Glock 19 23 uppers so you can build your own custom Glock pistol. 551 quot long in the anti stress mode at 4. I shot the Polymer 80 quot Glock 19 quot last night. Unclear safety fire markings scratches in the surface or small gouges. The result is a lighter trigger with shorter reset and better overall feel. The polymer platform that broke the mold is now built around the all new META trigger for the ultimate performance in a striker fired firearm. shoaib_0054 Getting the Trigger Pin Out of your Polymer 80. Click the pic to order the 5406 I finished my Polymer 80 Glock 17 build over the weekend and took it to the range today. Since the FCU insert lower chassis whatever you want to call it is the only part considered the firearm in the P320 this is the component we re engineered with our partners and fellow gunsmiths. A polymer magwell featuring a one piece toolless design. com manufactures custom drop in trigger systems for your Glock. Glock probably uses a glass fiber or glass bead reinforced polyamide 6. Popular models include the G17 G19 G22 and the G43. quot is i Franklin Armory Gun Parts Franklin Armory Gun Parts Rifle Parts Yep. In this video we 39 re going the build the Polymer 80 PF45 Step By Step. Its got a lonewolf trigger kit it in. Polymer 80 Compact Longslide 80 Frame Kit Polymer80 39 s PF940CL Compact Longslide Frame is the pistol frame that offers enhanced ergonomics and features with a twist. First off it is not just polymer. The trigger would reset after cycling but same issue would repeat. The Apex Polymer ActionEnhancement Trigger Kit directly replaces the factory hinged trigger with a solid body polymer trigger with a center mounted pivoting safety. Polymer 80 PF45 Trigger Housing Mechanism problems are wide spread in our build community. 40S amp W G22 35 24 and . The 80 polymer lower for your AR 15 platform is engineered and manufactured by James Madison Tactical in the USA. What I noticed was that when the Folder is set to the root folder e. We took the Polymer 80 Compact Frame and built a NAG 19 Not A Glock in of course 9mm. Free shipping for many products Polymer 80 PF940C Complete 80 Frame Kit With Assembled Slide amp Case Black MSRP 575. com Glock OEM Trigger Mechanism Housing With Ejector 30724 Gen. Without a cartridge in the chamber the firing pin strikes the hard steel chamber and cause damage. no 3jykIn this video we will be going over the step by step process to complete the Polymer 80 PF940 V2 Once we finish the frame We will move on to complete assembly of the build XHALE WEAPON WORX P80 FRAMES https goo. This magwell will ONLY fit the P80 PF940C Compact Frame. Sig P226 Do not mix bisque and glaze firing in one kiln load assuming you fire both at the temperature e. Pistols CZ P 07 09 NATO series. Couldn 39 t get thru a mag without a failure to fire slide not 100 closed or failure to eject. With the bolt using a rod or a dowel to push the sear all the way forward and see if there is enough clearance in the sear slot for it to go far enough to drop and fire. 56 and . However when I select any of the subfolders the trigger doesn 39 t fire. Let 39 s the New Glock 20 10mm Polymer 80 PF45. With the addition of the blank serialization plate to the right side of the receiver blank above the magwell customers who are Fiberglass reinforced polymer Trigger safety Trigger bar safety Firing pin block Compact CZ P 10 C OR 0 80 kg 9 19 9 21 Trigger pin size is. Restrictions No 80 Lower Frames ship to New Jersey. Such plastic serves well in temperatures among 40 to 200 C. Set the small red trigger guide aside for the moment. Recognize that not all manufacturers of Series 80 1911s use the trigger to release the firing pin block. It does not meet the GCA definition of a firearm. . One of the most common complaints about striker fire pistols is the long creep to get the trigger to break the SPSR eliminates that completely. Custom action work is often required to minimize or remove this altogether. The polymer material is also signifcantly easier to machine than aluminum and most 80 polymer lowers come with their own single use jigs and tooling so they can be finished on a drill press. The frame says P80 or Polymer 80 or something id assume that is what you would register as with no serial number. B If you can dry fire the pistol but want more 80 Lowers is a premier retailer and YOUR source for 80 percent lowers 80 lower jigs build kits and more. I m buying parts as I go so it was the lower kit first on sale from MidwayUSA for 50 then the LPK also MidwayUSA. May 19 2021. Swenson Barrel 3. Hybrid 80 Liberator 80 Polymer AR15 Lower And likely would only happen when doing something other than firing the gun. Find 80 Build Parts for sale at Omaha Outdoors the best online firearms and outdoor gear site. It starts immediately Both hands stay in the firing position allowing you to stay on target. That exactly what you get Powder River. shipping ak builder. The delay between the ignition of the priming charge ignition and the ignition of the main charge requires follow through or continuing to hold on target after the trigger is squeezed. Due to extremely high order volumes orders may take up to 6 weeks to ship. Started reloading first shotgun then center fire in about 1970. Not sure which size you want or which is best for you Learn about Glock sizing here. com The concept is not new trap shooters have been using triggers that fire on release for decades and back in the 1980s there were a Polymer 80 G150 Phoenix V2 80 Polymer AR Lower White The Phoenix Gen2 version features Polymer80 39 s proprietary polymer composite a solid core design stiffened magwell and MILSPEC buffer tube housing. The Short Pull Short Reset does exactly what the name says the trigger offers a pull and an even shorter reset. It s not uncommon to see this lower at 3 Gun and Precision AR competitions. I recommend that you always check the cost. Lewis L. Testing We took the pistol to the range on a great day. S. The second reason it gets five stars is because it comes with the channel liner tool for no extra cost which the OEM kit doesn t. Polymer 80 beefs up the side of the frame along the front it makes the frame wider than the slide. FEATURES Release round can be canceled by simply moving our Patent Pending selector out of Binary mode while holding the trigger back Easy to install Smooth trigger pull 4. A compact SA DA pistol with an external hammer and a highly durable fiberglass reinforced polymer frame. The rounded face of the trigger provides a smooth comfortable surface for the shooter s finger while firing. Polymer 80 P80 Lower Compact Pistol Frame Kit 19 9. ORDERS WILL BE CANCELED AND CHARGED A 20 CANCELLATION FEE. A problem that can happen with a Glock type of pistol is known as doubling wherein the pistol fires one round when the trigger is pulled and a second one when the trigger is released. These modifications are accomplished while maintaining the integrity of the OEM parts. It has the firing pin safety and no more collet bushing. NEW FRONTIER ARMORY LW 15 POLYMER AR 15 LOWER REVIEW A complete 99 polymer AR 15 lower is something which can give you pause. Short term fix bend the connector to the proper angle long term fix use only Glock factory parts. Pull the trigger the bar drops. I also had some communication after the purchase and you all responded VERY quickly and were very informative. 8 ounces unloaded The Polymer 80 Phoenix G150 v2 unit is well within the defined parameters of a quot reciever blank quot defined by the ATF and therefore has not yet reached a stage of manufacture that meets the definition of firearm frame or receiver found in the Gun Control Act of 1968 GCA . 5 grains of Universal Clays in mixed brass. thats what they said today The benefit to this is a higher rate of fire though shooters using a binary trigger will need to practice and get a feel for how the trigger quot breaks quot a second time without a conventional trigger pull. Quality and precision equals accuracy and repeatability . Custom Glock 19 Magwells that fit Polymer 80 PF940C. I took it to Krieghoff shortly after I got back and it was a confirmed issue with the inertia block. Founded and made in the USA since 2000. it 39 s the rest of the parts. There s NO expensive jig kits and parts to purchase our system is a COMPLETE all inclusive package in one price The Binary Firing System GEN 3 BFSIII is a 3 position trigger. Okay now we 39 re onto the nitty gritty the Series 80 1911 trigger. This is a factory original Glock Part. Shoot at 310 FPS with 0. On all subsequent shots the trigger travel is reduced to . More than 80 of pistol are made from polymer materials the only metal parts are barrel and trigger mechanism. The Series 80 1911 Trigger. I suppose that if I am to delve into the world of Glock it would benefit me to do so using a gun that both is and is not a Glock a Not Glock if you will. 80 pistol frames are NOT firearms as classified by the ATF GhostGunLaws. When I drilled the two holes straight through for the trigger it happened to fall on the edge of a weaker section where I 39 m assuming The Polymer 80 Slide Parts Kit designed for the PF Series of Glock style pistols comes with all the components you need to complete your slide. 22 LR used. Tacoma WA July 27th 2017 Polymer80 the leading developer and manufacturer of 80 polymer AR and pistol products has unveiled the PF940v2 the next generation update to their best selling PF940v1 Glock compatible 80 pistol frame. See the results in this detailed review. It provides a modern rendition of the classic MP5 SSL with updated aesthetics. The build only took about 2hrs with some The shoe and safety are solid body polymer attached to a polished OEM Glock trigger bar. Swenson Slide 2. 99 Save 22 54. 211 art. The 80 series started in the 80s and continues to be built. bottom top or top bottom. Trigger squeeze sight alignment and tactical and speed reloads can all be practiced with the GLOCK Practice and Reset pistols which are identical in size weight and balance to live weapons. The RL556v3 features Polymer80 s proprietary polymer composite a solid core design flared magwell and beefier mil spec buffer tube housing. This kind of lower receiver includes a solid core design to prevent cracking or failure. The BFSIII provides greatly reduced split times between rounds allowing for tighter groups. 1 DO NOT REMOVE THE POLYMER INDICATED IN RED BELOW. This week I replaced the impeller on the lower unit. TIP 3 I have found that polymer lowers do not need a drill press to be completed with the Modulus Arms jig. 2G BB. Let your voice be heard without censorship or suppression. com today I recently completed a build of a Polymer 80 PF45 lower for my Gen2 G20. All Series 80 1911 s also have a passive safety the firing pin block plunger. 921 a 3 . Both Glocks were always a mystery. I have my suspicions that the buffer tube was chosen to be commercial spec since there would be more material to help support itself. Had an issue when I tried to order online your IT guy had it corrected in about a minute and I was able to order what I wanted. The decision to refine the cosmetics to their already rugged JMT composite polymer lower while at the same time taking the liberty to beef up existing strengths truly makes the JMT Firing Pin The firing pin of the CZ 52 is a weak steel which makes them relatively brittle. The specter 80 is the world s first 80 polymer pistol frame. Typically to finish the remaining 20 of your frame you will need to machine the main fire control group pocket hammer trigger pin holes trigger pass through hole and When build a Polymer 80 Glock lower PF940V2 ALWAYS drill first your fire control holes. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK 47s AR 15s Mausers CETME Enfields UZIs and much more This does not apply to persons with a valid concealed carry license law enforcement center fire weapons at a firing range maintained for the discharging of a center fire weapon and the Receiver is constructed from a single block of proprietary polymer composite that is 80 finished and requires final milling of the fire control group trigger pin hammer pin trigger slot and safety selector. The SIG SAUER flat faced XFULL trigger is standard on the WCP320 and gives shooters a lower finger position on the trigger which increases leverage for a lighter smoother trigger pull. Assembled by OC CUSTOM TRIGGER specifically for the Polymer80 PF940C Compact Lower each Complete Lower Parts Kit is compatible with the Glock Factory or Polymer80 Compact 19 23 32 Lower ONLY and includes the following Glock and Aftermarket Parts Polymer 80 sent me their Spectre 80 pistol frame and jig. This Polymer80 product has everything you need to start building a completef AR 15 lower. You simply let the DryFireMag reset the trigger with a snap and you re ready for the next shot . Check out my progress after the The reason is that the firing pin is designed to strike the soft metal alloy rim of the cartridge. 0 lb f . Polymer 80 also makes a smooth frame for those wishing to add their own texture. I 39 m not confident enough to jump straight to an 80 metal pistol Polymer 80 80 polymer AR 15 and pistol frames Polymer80 is an American firearms parts manufacturer focusing on so called 80 lower receivers. No milling is necessary. Even though this pistol is made of polymer it operates well within a temperature range from 40 C to 200 C. The primary problem we are having now with some break in is one of two malfunctions a stovepipe or an inline stovepipe. 80 Compact Pistol Frame offers the compatibility with 19 23 Gen3 components the PF940C is an industry first. The trigger shoe is machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. I ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out which parts distributor to use and which caliber I wanted to lob rounds down range with. We allow 48 hours from time of package delivery to inspect your order and contact us of any damage or missing parts. 308 80 lower is fully engineered using current finite element structural analysis for reliable long term high performance. Not going to remove it because it does provide aesthetic flare to the frame. This extremely popular model is remarkably accurate and reliable in all weather conditions. Trigger Operation Position 1 Safe Will 80 Glock Gen3 19 23 32 and 17 34 17l 22 35 24 31 compatible pistol frame kit. More than 80 of Earth s carbon is locked up in carbonate rocks and is the primary ultimate sink for CO2 introduced into the atmosphere. There 39 ve been a few third party complete Glock receivers all with varying levels of success and failure but Polymer 80 has produced the first commercially available 80 percent the Spectre. The cost of the frame is not that much more than an AR15 Lower. JMT is constantly evolving to deliver the ultimate lower in the industry. Note Some CZ USA dealers order special versions that vary from the standard configuration. gov About the PF940C 80 Glock 19 compatible Frame The PF940Cv1 frame features next generation ergonomics and features molded from high strength reinforced 80 percent lower polymer. Low weight was achieved by making 80 of parts including the frame out of polymer. Units can still be completed as the standard EP80 39 s or can be finished with the use of a jig system. We use Glock factory parts in our process to ensure reliability. Of course the primary feature of the the P320 is the fact that a small group of metal parts the Fire Control Group FCG is the serialized firearm as opposed to the polymer frame like a Glock or S amp W M amp P. Will not fit G19x or Gen 5 pistols Position 1 Safe Will not fire. With your safety in mind this Glock 21 Pistol has the quot Safe Action quot trigger system that uses a partially tensioned firing pin lock and a drop safety to prevent unintentional firing and the simple finger on trigger safety off finger off the trigger safety on psychology. It was over oiled and ready to get Some others do not and the result is a sore trigger finger when shooting some of the 380 pocket guns on the market. It delivers a smooth pull a clean break and rebounds with an incredibly short reset so you can make that follow up shot with both style and ease. Firing Pin Spring Cups SP00070 Fits ALL Glock 17 19 22 23 26 GEN 1 5 . The trigger would feel like it locked up in the second shot. The Extraction Series was designed and manufactured to meet the growing demand for CCW appendix style and is completely customizable for optimum form and function. THANK YOU Updated 03 27 2020 . G. no. With the DryFireMag practice the kind of trigger action that builds correct muscle memory even double taps. If you happened to have pulled the trigger on your rim fire pistol don 39 t panic. Polymer80 80 Lower Receivers. In simpler terms it is an unfinished AR 15 lower receiver which requires the user to do some milling and drilling in order to make it functional. 0 9 40 45 Will Not Fit M amp P Regular Models 100 126 quantity Add to cart SKU APX100 126 Category Gun Parts EXTRACTION SERIES. 357 Glock OEM Trigger with Trigger Bar 322 Glock OEM Trigger Mechanism Housing with Ejector 343 Glock OEM 5LB. 3 can be used to determine the first of these by applying a selected irradiance produced by a cone heater to a square sample of 10 100 g. Featuring the versatile Omega trigger system the P 09 is shipped with decockers installed but can easily be converted to a manual safety with the supplied parts and instructions. The Polymer 80 Slide Parts Kit designed for the PF Series of Glock style pistols comes with all the components you need to complete your slide. However you do need a high torque drill. The Polymer80 . lu research scientific publication processing and properties of long recycled Receiver is constructed from a single block of proprietary polymer composite that is 80 finished and requires final milling of the fire control group trigger pin hammer pin trigger slot and safety selector. thru 100 39 s of rounds so thought the Polymer 80 would be a snap as they give you the top of frame excess mat 39 l to be milled away guys do it with Dremel grinders and cross hole drill fixture including drills locking blocks and locking block pins. For Glock 17 26 20 21 Lower Parts Kit LPK designed to fit on Polymer80 Gen 3 small frames. Sep 11 2018 The Polymer80 Textured Compact Lower is the best lower kit available for building your own Glock 19 23 or 32 compatible handgun available through GlockStore. Although I don t care for this aspect of the components I had no issues during firing whatsoever. Nylon Reinforced Polymer polymer receivers have proven useful and are popular in the AR market. Metal slide and magazine. The pull can be further enhanced by Wilson Combat gunsmiths with our optional action tune using Grayguns custom trigger parts. A device is provided for controlling the firing angles of thyratrons rectifiers in a ring magnet power supply. those orders placed before 1 4 2021 still should be expected 4 6 weeks. WARNING ITF Binary trigger can only be used in aluminum lower receivers. Polymer 80. Works with the Modulus Arms Jig yes . Ring magnet firing angle control. We are not lawyers and we do not provide legal advise. Contributed by Gnashty Nordic First Poly 80 AR Build Set up is a harbor freight 10 quot drill press and 6 quot X Y vise Time to drill out my trigger control and hammer pins as well as the hole for fire select So far so good Here we hit a problem that I will show later. 308 rifle. Without cutting the area between the already completed rear pocket and the fire control group pocket the finished receiver weighs 134g which is 19g more than its predecessor of 115g. Glock OEM parts and accessories are made with the same attention to detail and quality as the ultra reliable pistols. Some cassette style triggers with large housings that fill the entire fire control group may not fit. The Apex Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger Kit directly replaces the factory hinged trigger with a solid body polymer trigger with a center mounted pivoting safety. 00 Starting to look for or build a gun can be daunting. Overall the receiver is a good bit lighter than other polymer receivers. quot Also going to trim back the point on the bottom of the trigger guard. You will receive one AR 15 80 Polymer GEN2 Lower Receiver with FREE machining jig your color of choice and one JMT Saber Single Stage Drop in Trigger OR one Black OPS Single Stage Straight Drop in Trigger AR 15 80 Polymer GEN2 Lower Receiver with FREE machining jig The best just got better Lower receiver is constructed from a single block of proprietary polymer composite with a solid core design stiffened magwell and beefier buffer tube housing. Polymer 80 Labor Day Sale Sale . The PF320PTEX Grip Module does not require a serial number and can be shipped nation wide. The Polymer 80 lower is also configured for LR 308 builds This ultra light lower is a great foundation for completing an otherwise heavy bulky build. Franklin Armory BFS Trigger BFS III U. I put a little 1 4 quot X 1 quot long piece of paper in the corner where the trigger bar bends 90 degrees from across the gun to back just before the cruciform. Poly 80 issued found and fixed Like the trigger bar itself is riding too high Well I had a few trigger bars so I took the Dremel to one make it work. Stripped frame with parts kit unassembled Polymer trigger shoe Stripped frame with parts kit unassembled UAT shoe Fully assembled frame with polymer trigger shoe Fully assembled frame with UAT UAT will be included as separate item not installed in frame No matter what your shooting goal is the Timberwolf Large will fit your needs. This item has been shown 401 times. Franklin Armory Gun Parts Franklin Armory Gun Parts OpticsPlanet Exclusive Franklin Armory BFSIII AR C1 Trigger Binary Firing System for AR Platforms OpticsPlanet Exclusive Franklin Armory BFSIII AR C1 Trigger Binary Firing System for AR Platforms Q amp A Question quot No 80 lowers polymer lowers or carbon lowers. Trigger not resetting this is either an issue with how Polymer80 did some of the Rear Rail Modules RRMs or how the frame was drilled causing the RRM to move. Using the First quot No Press quot Build using our AK47 Build Tools and Fixtures. The Polymer 80 Frame is based off of the third generation of Glock pistols which is why you will need to make sure that any lower and upper parts you get for your pistol will need to be This is a drop in replacement Glock 17 Barrel in 9mm. After hours researching and comparing all models on the market we find out the Best Polymer 80 Frame Plug of 2021. When you look for parts and the maker says 70 series or 80 series they are talking about the presence or absence of the firing pin block. Joined Oct 25 2016 1 094 Posts . Went out to test fire it today. The trigger is actually rather decent but does not need to be made out of polymer. The trigger slot is filled with polymer that will be removed later. Please check all Federal State and Local Laws to ensure compliance prior to purchasing. no 3jyk MY FAVORITE GLOCK UPGRADES The Binary Firing System GEN 3 BFSIII is a 3 position trigger. 108653 2021 lt p gt https www. Slide with barrel and recoil spring goes through the motion but is very tight appears barrel is dragging on the inside of the slide . To purchase CLICK HERE or ORDER PURCHASE button. Polymer 80 PFS9 Standard Pistol Frame serialized . Patmos Lower amp Slide Parts For Glock 43 Frame 9mm amp P80 Pf9ss Ss80 Polymer 80 315 polymer 80 pf940v2 80 full size frame kit for glock 17 22 version 2 olive drab green The PF940v2 is an industry first 80 pistol frame offers compatibility with components for Glock Gen3 3 pin 9mm G17 34 17L . These Glock parts are machined to exact specifications to make sure that you have a well functioning Glock. Otherwise the trigger parts won 39 t fit and or they 39 ll bind and you 39 ll have to do a lot of cleanup with a Dremel and hand files. polymer 80 trigger not firing